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Bukit Permata Sukodono Blok A no 7 sidoarjo


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About Us

Dannis Collection is the best children Muslim clothes that have a special trademark to make difference with others, which is the application & embroidery, and the best quality of cotton. The brand was created in 1996 and has been successfully marketed the product to all over Indonesia. Also, we have exported our goods to other ASEAN countries such as Malaysia and Singapore. 

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Our Vision

To be the biggest & the best producer of Muslim Clothes

Our Mission

To make Muslim clothes as a choice that is fashionable in style for all occasion and to make Muslim clothes more popular for all kinds of people

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Suasana Kantor

Team CS Online Rumah Dannis

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Keceriaan Team Rumah Dannis

Team CS Online Rumah Dannis

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